Stark Raving Ted game teaches you to deal with zombies and aliens from outer space. In 2112 we were attacked by aliens and changed our atmosphere. After that, people began to turn into a zombie. Some managed to hide in special buildings. But the aliens have begun to use their cars that would destroy them.

Your hero was left alone and he must come to the living people that would help save the earth from the zombies and aliens. Do not think that everything will be very easy. Against you will be sent a lot of different opponents:

  • shifty zombies,
  • zombie shooting poison robots with saws,
  • robots with guns,
  • mines,
  • bombs.

To move use the arrow keys. Up, down, left, right move will make the hero. Left mouse button shot. Key E to change weapon. After killing each monster you give the award a few gold coins.

Coins you can use to buy improvements for your weapons or drugs. Do not forget that after Seme shots your gun must be recharged. And just four rifle shots. To save bullets, shot in the head. For example, a zombie is killed with three shots from a pistol, and if you get in my head, I can kill with two shots.

In the game Stark Raving Ted also have secret passages. It basically passes on the roof, where lie the more gold coins. What would change the type of weapon, use the number keys. Try to collect all the kits and ammo levels.

At the end of each level you will need to kill the boss. To do this, it will be necessary to show all your skills. You are not afraid of scary zombie? Then you will always gain the victory! After completion of the episode you will be with your results Statistics:

  • accuracy,
  • the percentage killed monsters,
  • the amount collected gold coins,
  • the number of found secrets of points earned.

At the second level in the yellow slot machine you can improve the performance of their weapons. For example for the shotgun, you can:

  • improve accuracy rate,
  • frequency of shots,
  • number of shots,
  • reload speed rounds.

Green lights on the earth is mine. When you get closer they start to make a loud sound, and two seconds later explode. I loved the game Stark Raving Ted! Enjoy the fight against zombies and aliens.