Paintball Racers is a funny game of typewriters, who compete in the kitchen. Overtake their rivals, using not only the speed of his car, but the gun on the roof. Funny sounds and colorful graphics will bring a lot of fun.

Complete all twenty levels and win the first place! To control the car use the arrow keys. To accelerate the car key Z. To jump over the road, press X. To shoot, press the spacebar.

Gun rotates automatically, but if you want to manage it, then select the start of the game to the second type of control and press the weapon rotation at the right time. For turning machines in the air you are given extra points.

During the trip, collect bonuses:

  • double size cartridges,
  • extending high-speed mode,
  • dual energy,
  • increasing the number of lives.

Game Paintball Racers present four types of bullets:

  • freezing,
  • electric shock,
  • oil,
  • fire.

Freezing stops the car for a few seconds. Electric shock takes life. Oil makes the car completely manageable. Fire destroys your opponent.

When will the race, do not forget to collect gold coins. With the coins you can buy life or accessories that would win the race. Driving through the unit you are restoring life.

At the end of each level you are given the opportunity to improve the performance of your vehicle. There are four types of improvements:

  • the number of lives,
  • the duration of the acceleration,
  • the number of rounds,
  • the speed of the vehicle.

The most expensive is the acceleration, as it allows for longer be in flight and outrace your opponents. Its cost is 1200 coins. I usually buy the acceleration, and the remaining coins improves the speed of the machine.

If you have a lot of coins, more 10,000 you can buy a new car with a more powerful engine and better weapons. The most expensive car worth 30,000 coins. It will bring you many victories over opponents.

If your car is turned upside down, do not worry, press and turn the machine into place. Occupied the first place, you get three stars. For second place in the game Paintball Racers get two stars.