Goodgame Empire is a strategy game with lots of players who are defending their castles, emerging economies, train soldiers and capture new ownership. Perform tasks and receive awards. Maximizes your castle, what would be the best knight in the entire planet!

The game Goodgame Empire, there are five types of resources:

  • wood,
  • stone,
  • food,
  • rubies,
  • coins.

If you hover your mouse on the appropriate resource we obtain information on the rate of production of the resource and storage capacity. Rubies and coins can be purchased for real money, or earn by performing certain missions in the game.

The first task in the game is the construction of huts Lumberjack. Building construction need wood and stone. In the menu that lie at the bottom right, select Construction. Then click on the tab Civil installations and set the building on the map.

What would recruit soldiers you need to build barracks. Each soldier requires time and food for hire. Build a farm that would feed your army. Always produce more food than they consume your soldiers. If your castle is very small, it is possible to expand the walls, paying for it with wood and stone.

For the development of the castle and to pay for the hiring of additional soldiers needed coins. Coins can be obtained through taxes paid residents homes. Build more homes and get more taxes and increase the population of the city. The tax collector will collect taxes from the population.

For the defense of the castle in Goodgame Empire is necessary to build a workshop for building weapons. For example, for dropping stones help soldiers in battle on the castle walls. During the defense of the castle are the soldiers on the walls on three sides. You can specify the number of soldiers on each side. When provided defense castle again focus on the economy and increases the level of his wealth!

Better buildings for that would significantly increase their productivity. Start with improving lumberjack huts. But do not forget that every improvement will cost the treasury a certain amount of your coins, wood or stone. After the first improving timber production has increased almost twice.

Goodgame Empire is one of the most exciting multiplayer games in recent years. She received many prestigious awards. More than fifty-two million players playing this game. It will appeal to both boys and girls. Enjoy game Goodgame Empire every day!