The Lord Of The Tower

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Unfortunately, this game only works on desktop computers.

Use blocks of his castle to protect their lord. Each element of the castle has its own purpose.

There are five types of blocks:protection against ground enemies, shots on enemy aircraft, bomb blasts. Use special magic spell to strike fire tower repair or freeze opponents.

Use earned coins to purchase the number of new units or increasing their power. Conventional castle walls can throw on the heads of enemies coming.

Your Lord will try to kill the orcs, dragons, reptiles, archers and knights. Use the maximum number of towers to attack the castle!

The Lord Of The Tower - screenshot



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Additional information

The Lord Of The Tower
GenreStrategy & Defense
Rating1.7/5, total votes 6 (2 like / 4 dislike)
Date of publication
Operating systemWindows, Mac OS
Resolution800 x 600


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