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Unfortunately, this game only works on desktop computers.

Your task is to feed the blue dinosaur sweets. To move a dinosaur need to use different tools, such as on the first level, click on the orange square creature.

He will stretch out your hands that will move your hero. To solve the puzzle on the second level, use dynamite.

By clicking on the dynamite, he will scatter in different directions are near objects. The third level shows the possibility of destruction of objects made of ice.

Click photo mouse on a block of ice, and he has broken-up. Additional task, to show maximum logical thinking and collect three star prizes. Good luck in solving logic problems cheerful!

Donutosaur - screenshot



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Rating3.3/5, total votes 9 (6 like / 3 dislike)
Date of publication
Operating systemWindows, Mac OS
Resolution720 x 480


Donutosaur - screenshot 2Donutosaur - screenshot 3