Frantic Planes

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Unfortunately, this game only works on desktop computers.

On a fantastic planet there is an island of monkeys with a gold statue. Uninvited guests decided to attack the island. Each day began to arriving of insane enemy aircraft.

The leader has decided to call on the phone and call for help your squad bold monkeys and good pilots.

From this moment begins the story of this game for the Protection of the island by a violent airplane. Use your mouse to the direction of flight of your plane. Shots are automatic.

After falling into enemy aircraft on the battlefield remain coins. Collect as many coins that would buy improvements for your aircraft. To go to the store window, press the spacebar.

At the end of each mission you will fight against a huge boss of the aircraft!

Frantic Planes - screenshot



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Additional information

Frantic Planes
Rating3.1/5, total votes 13 (8 like / 5 dislike)
Date of publication
Operating systemWindows, Mac OS
Resolution800 x 500


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