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Burglary, robbery, gold and caravans are keywords in play Highwayman.

At the beginning of his career, you attack the caravan without protection.

Apply as many blows to the cart and it will depart from the gold coins and jewelry.

When you have enough experience and gold coins, you can try to attack the wagon, which carried out the shooting response.

When you have a lot of money, you can hire additional soldiers.

Knight with a long spear inflicts damage from a distance.

The archer hits the mark perfectly sharp arrows.

The magician gets the most powerful blows at the enemy.

Do not forget to buy a variety of improvements.

I advise you to buy at the beginning of improvements that give a bonus once all your soldiers.

For example, you can increase the number of lives by 15 percent.

Increase the force of impact by 10 percent with each new level.

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