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Turn-based strategy for lovers of tactics in warfare is a game Pandav Heroes of Hastina. At the beginning of the game, you have three characters. Each character has unique abilities. A warrior with a mace and red cap can be applied very severe damage to the enemy. The soldier in a brown helmet can shoot a bow. Warrior in green hat uses a long sword to strike at the enemy. He has the most steps to move on the map. When he gets a new level, then it is possible to treat. Each soldier can do four things. Moving on the ground is the first opportunity for action heroes. The second is the base attack. The third action is to use special skills. To use the special skills needed energy. Finally, it is to remain in place. Priority actions you choose for yourself. Each soldier can do only one blow to the enemy base with the help of an attack or special ability. The primary goal is to defeat all the enemies in each level. At the end of each level, you get a gold star. They can be used to improve the performance of your heroes.

Pandav Heroes Of Hastina - screenshot
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Pandav Heroes Of Hastina - screenshotPandav Heroes Of Hastina - screenshot