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Unfortunately, this game only works on desktop computers.
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Release the lock on the zombies, bats and other monsters in the game Zombie and Juliet.

At the beginning of the game, select the main weapon of the hero.

You can select the heavy sword, dagger or a magic staff.

I advise you to choose the staff, as it can strike an enemy from a distance.

Also, you will get extra magic features.

In the big hall, there are a number of useful facilities.

Tree allows you to improve the abilities of the various indicators for the fight against the walking dead.

The guy with the burning head may offer different weapons, amulets and rings.

You can look on the shelf with your achievements and get extra coins.

At the beginning of the game are the most dangerous opponents of bats.

They emerge from their graves and constantly bite you.

It is impossible to run away from them as they fly very fast. For the Magic needs energy.

You get it after the death of zombies, spiders and other monsters.

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