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Unfortunately, this game only works on desktop computers.
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Your Jeep is ready to go and shoot all the aliens in the game Mad Day 2.

Free up your favorite octopus from captivity. The trip starts from the garage.

You can shoot missiles and bounce to collect gold coins.

Jumps are required for jumping mines, bombs and barrels of explosives.

The missiles themselves are induced on the enemy.

At the top left is an indicator of protection for your car.

In the center is located at the top of the card.

After completing the first part of the trip, your hero is out of the car and starts running in a residential building.

At the same time you destroy all the aliens.

Do not forget to buy a gun or a machine in the garage. Just buy a variety of improvements.

For example, armor, big wheels, the power failure or charge rate rockets.

You can buy different clothes for the driver. It will give additional bonuses.

In the garage you can play mini-games, and win prizes.

For carrying out missions you will receive rewards and gold coins.

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