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Unfortunately, this game only works on desktop computers.
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Take part in a boxing match and earn money in the game Boxing Live 2.

At the beginning of the game choose the name of his boxers, his nickname, and from what he city.

Then choose a hairstyle, facial type, color, gloves and boxer shorts.

Before the first fight, it is desirable to train and increase his boxing performance.

At the beginning of your workout, select a coach. The first coach is free.

Other coaches are very expensive. There are four types of workouts.

The first training session in the gym is a blow to the heavy bag.

Right at the top indicates the next blow. Do exercise accurately and quickly.

As a result of the exercise, you get additional points to the force of impact, speed, endurance and stiffness of shock.

A second training session is held with the coach.

Coach tells you another blow (jab, uppercut, the bounce), and you must repeat them.

For the third exercise is necessary to use a punching bag.

Here, you can increase the speed bumps. The last training is sparring in a protective manner.

After each shock, do not forget to put the block.

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