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Manage crowd of zombies, killing and destroying everything in its path in the game Delicious Cortex.

Zombie Lord came to earth mages and archers that would take away their gold.

Call the walking dead from their graves and send them to the enemy.

The king has an aura of the dead in the form of a circle.

If you would be zombies in the aura, it starts to obey you.

Pick up the flag and the zombie will follow you.

Lower the flag on the ground and you will lose control of the zombies.

They will become aggressive and will attack all.

Raise and lower the flag, you can use the space bar.

Walking corpse can attack wooden boxes and free passages.

Before the attack, collect the maximum number of your soldiers and then start attacking.

Only after destroying all the enemies you can move to the next level.

The magician is the most formidable opponent. Archer is a weak and cowardly soldier.

Be careful of the quality of life of your character.

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