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Solve the puzzle of an old house and find a way out of the game Mirchi Halloween Escape.

You are locked in a strange house. This house captured witch.

Your goal is to solve all the tasks correctly.

Collect fifteen objects and place them in a large pot.

Take the key out of the boiler, and select from the house.

Click on an object in your collection of objects, and then click to the right place.

In the first room, look in the wooden bucket and take part of the picture.

On the sideboard collect the skull, orange rectangle and a candle.

On the right is a bedside table. You must click on it.

And enter the correct word for the feast, and then the door will open.

You can pick up a white head and wooden handle. Go into the next room.

Pick the right below the white candle. Click on the spider on the left side.

He will show you the location of the yellow part to one of the mysteries.

Go into the room with two skeletons and ghosts.

At the top, click on the spider, it will show the location of the blue.

In the room with a torn sofa need to collect a candle, skull, horn, axe.

Near the ceiling, click on the picture and take a box of matches from the cache.

Click on the box of matches, and there will be a burning match.

Then try to solve the puzzles themselves.

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