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Unfortunately, this game only works on desktop computers.
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Test yourself on the accuracy of the shots in the game Warzone Battle.

Try to get the maximum number of points in the fight against terrorists.

You hide in the ruins of the city and watch the movement of the enemy.

You have one minute to complete the task.

A time indicator is located at the top of the game screen. Try to kill all enemies.

For precision aiming, you can use the sight. To activate the sight must press the spacebar.

In your sniper rifle has fourteen bullets. For reloading weapons press button, R.

To reload the rifle must be two seconds. The game has no limit on the number of shots.

The number of rounds is displayed in the lower right corner.

The game has four levels of different locations. For each killed enemy, you get fifty points.

A number of enemies killed is displayed in the lower right corner.

One second is the minimum interval between shots.

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