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Control characters from popular films in the game Awesome Happy Heroes.

At the beginning of the game, you have two well-known heroes. They need to educate and train.

Buy a hall for training to increase the number of lives. Then buy a room for increased power.

Rooms for training could be improved. After improving the rooms, speed training will increase.

You can send Archer extract precious stones in the cave.

Each stone gives your character unique abilities.

During the game you will be joining the new brave warriors.

Always leave one character to perform missions.

For the construction of additional rooms is necessary to expand the territory of the base.

This requires money.

After the successful completion of missions, you will increase the reputation, experience and earn money.

If you lose, then your reputation goes down.

Therefore, choose the mission, in which you can defeat the enemy.

A maximum of three characters can take part in the battle.

To exercise, your heroes can use a simulator of battle.

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