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Traveling in the maze of dungeons and fighting monsters game Idle Sword.

Use your sharp sword to release the old castle from the monsters.

Most click on the monsters to the maximum amount of damage.

To restore the lives of its characters, press several times on their image.

After the victory over the enemies will appear different items and gold. They need to collect.

To use, items go to your inventory and drag the desired object to the hero.

At the first level, you will have only one soldier.

After the third level, you will join Assistant.

Each sword, spear, and shield has a description. The ax can be carried in two hands.

The shield provides additional protection and life.

Spear increases the chance of a critical hit.

To improve the heroes collect gold and use it for training.

Each new level gives you extra lives of soldiers, the force of impact and the speed of movement.

Experience wins also required to obtain a new level.

The optimal combination of subjects is a sword, shield, helmet and some rings.

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