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Throw your opponents out of the ring in the game Wrassling. The main objective of the game is as much as possible opponents to throw out of the ring and not allowing the opponent to throw your athlete. You can use one hand to flip and push opponents. Z key rotates the hand clockwise. X key arm rotates counterclockwise. Use the arrow keys left and right to move around the ring. Your competitor has a purple color. At the beginning of the fight, you lead the fight against one opponent. With every second the number of competitors increases. The maximum number of opponents during the game is six. Try that you have as little as possible tossed into the air. This will reduce your chances of losing. My personal record is forty-six points. After ten score increases the complexity of the game. Ring rising over the ropes and will be the big boss. After twenty score drops the ring and starts to swing left and right. Another useful tip, try not to be in the middle of the ring. The best position is on the edge. In this game, you can play together. You can also turn on the intelligence at your opponents and then play will be more difficult.

Wrassling - screenshot
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Wrassling - screenshotWrassling - screenshot