Ringside Hero

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Unfortunately, this game only works on desktop computers.

Become head coach and manager of boxers in the game Ringside Hero. You are a former boxer with years of experience. Your task is to raise a new hero in the boxing world.

To do this, you have 120 weeks. Boxer must be trained before each fight. You can increase the force of impact, the technique of warfare, or endurance boxer. Each workout takes one week.

To improve the training, you can go to the store and buy special equipment. Dumbbells increase the speed of training the force of impact. Rope helps improve endurance training.

Training gloves will increase the quality of training in the techniques of combat. Additionally, you can purchase the proteins to improve the impact strength.

Subscribe to the gym to lift the performance of endurance and technique of warfare. Ticket for a massage will help to recover quickly after a hard fight.

Preparation for each battle will take one week. After a very hard battle, boxer takes several weeks of additional rest. For every victory or participation in a fight you get the money.

After knockout wins you get extra income. Competently manage a boxer and a boxing arena will bring you a lot of money.

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Ringside Hero
Rating4.0/5, total votes 5 (4 like / 1 dislike)
Date of publication
Operating systemWindows, Mac OS
Resolution640 x 480

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