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Genre Action Games

Participate in infinite space escape from prison in the game Flac Boy 3. Your hero accidentally falls out of the capsule and begins his flight to the space station. While running, try to collect the capsule with yellow liquid and blue crystals. The crystals can be exchanged for rewards. The first bonus is the increase in the number of health. The second bonus is a doubling of the collected capsules. The third and fourth bonus is a fast and super start. After the defeat, you can go to the window improvements and to exchange the capsules. Buy extra health, activate the ability to attract a capsule, increase the frequency of first-aid kits or increase the frequency of board. You can only control your character jump, do a short or long jumps. Try to avoid the red buttons with a blue gas tanks, gray platforms. These objects will take away your life. You have three attempts to run a maximum distance. After falling into a pit, you lose one try. Plasma Shield protects you lightning laser gun shots and explosions of mines. At the beginning of the level, you get an extra job. Perform tasks and get more crystals.

Flak Boy 3 - screenshot
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Flak Boy 3 - screenshotFlak Boy 3 - screenshot