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Unfortunately, this game only works on desktop computers.
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Take part in a tennis tournament and become a professional in the big tennis in the game Puppet Tennis.

In this game, you can play together, and alone. Choose a girl or a boy.

At the beginning of the game, you have 10,000 coins.

You can spend them to buy various improvements. Or hire an experienced tennis player.

Or buy a tennis racket with maximum possibilities.

Increase the force of impact, the speed of movement on the tennis court or jump height.

I recommend initially uniformly increase all parameters.

For gold or bronze cup is necessary to win against three opponents. Each three-inning duel.

To win you need to dial one-half six points. To win, you must win the match in two halves.

This is no ordinary game of tennis.

During the fight, you can get the ball in a variety of bonuses.

Bonus frosts freeze your opponent for a few seconds and increase your likelihood of winning.

Bonus can improve jump height of your jump.

Bonus broken arm will not allow your opponent to hit a tennis racket ball.

During the approach of a tennis ball to your doll will be the direction of the ball after you hit.

For each winning submission you get a certain amount of coins.

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