Potatoman Seeks The Troof Online

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Unfortunately, this game only works on desktop computers.

The Potatoman Seeks the Troof Online is a game that attracts attention by unusual adventures. The protagonist is a little Potatoman, starting his journey in the distant desert.

On the path of a little man, there are dangerous and armed sand ghosts. Avoid shots of tagged cowboys. Opponents shoot in the back. Evil cacti will prevent you from passing your path.

They can go up, jump, run and try to prick you. Beware of poisonous scorpions. The hero has five lives left.

To win fame and reach the peaks in the game of the Potatoman Seeks the Troof Online, one must pay a lot of attention to the road and not forget about running and jumping.

Use your reaction and dexterity to complete the maximum path. At the second level, the journey will continue in the green forest. Shrewd birds will throw their eggs at you.

Avoid collisions with yellow chicks.

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Potatoman Seeks The Troof Online
Rating4.0/5, total votes 5 (4 like / 1 dislike)
Date of publication
Operating systemWindows, Mac OS
Resolution800 x 600


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